Saturday, January 1, 2011


Hi! Welcome to my blog. You may already be familiar with my website, If so, you know that I post weekly devotions based on what God teaches me through mothering. You can also catch up with me on Facebook and on Twitter. Thanks again for visiting!


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed your website, especially your devotional about heaven. My daughter (my youngest child) just got married. The empty nest syndrome leaves me with the hollowness that carries a deafening echo. Still, in the midst of missing my kids, nothing is louder or more precious than God's sweet song of comfort. Just think, in heaven we'll get to hear Him sing on a daily basis!

  2. Hi Megan!
    It was so nice to do your Blog Clinic at the PCWC. I learned a lot and am experimenting a little as I grow in this field. I did find out that Google Analytics is not supported on It is only for That was why I had such a problem with it. Either way, I am learning. Now it will be back to schooling in a few weeks with my daughter. On the agenda - learning how to drive and getting a job. This way, I can be taxied around and get paid for all the things I had to buy for her. :D God bless and may it be a productive homeschooling year. Stacy